Augment web pages with semantically structured annotations.

Quick news

New release out today.
Featuring image annotation
and quick text-to-text annotation.
Try it out in our online demo.

Pundit @ LODLAM challenge

Pundit is one of the 5 projects which made it to the final stage.. Learn more...

Pundit enables users to create structured data annotating web pages.
Collect annotations in notebooks and share with others to create collaborative structured knowledge.

Annotations span from simple comments to semantic links to the Web of Data (as and,
to fine granular cross-references and citations. Pundit can include custom controlled vocabularies.
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A 6 minutes video shows Pundit in action.

The video is a bit out of date sorry! We will update it soon.

Pundit short introduction

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Pundit simple client/server architecture is based on REST communication and open standards. The server, where annotations are stored, bases on Semantic Web technologies and exposes API to allow third party applications to access, add and reuse structured annotations.

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Semantically structured annotations

The main idea behind Pundit is that of enabling the creation of semantically structured data. Annotations are not only simple comments or tags but relations among things, pieces of structured knowledge that can contribute to a global Data Web.

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Try Pundit live with our simple online demo. Do not forget to provide feedback!

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